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Appleton range - guest review

A guest review of Appleton rums by Nick Metcalfe Today I'm tasting my way through the core range of Appleton and asking myself a...

Foursquare Port casks tasting - on site!

Yes, I'm sat at the Copper Still Bar doing a live tasting of both Port cask Foursquare rums. What an experience. 'Port Cask Finish' - 9...

Very rare Demerara review

What a perfect way to spend a couple of hours on holiday. The sound of the waves hitting the beach under our balcony. 30 degrees in the...

Foursquare Distillery Tour

This week I realised a years long dream of visiting hallowed turf. Foursquare distillery in Barbados. As promised, here's a mini write up...

Foursquare 2009 ECS

Hello from sunny Barbados. If you're going to review the latest Foursquare release from their Exceptional Cask Series, what better place...

The Big Clairin Tasting

Clairin - a funky, full flavoured style of rum made in Haiti, generally from fresh crushed cane juice. These spirits are made in tiny...

Port Cask Battle

Today is a side by side tasting of two recent port cask rums. I'm looking forward to this as I've always found that a few years in an...

A data geek's paradise

Rum is a wild child. There are no control. No rules. There's gems out there, in amongst the sweetened , coloured, flavoured gloup....

Online Rum Tastings

During lockdown I decided to spread the rum love through a series of online tastings. These were not for profit, local, very informal...

DIY rum bar

Yes, I built my own rum bar. No, I'm not a carpenter. Yes, it took 3 times as long as expected. No, I'm not building you one 😂

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