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Charity Sample Pack Giveaway/Competition

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Charity Sample Pack Giveaway/Competition!! Please read and consider participating in this giveaway/fundraiser!! (and share if you'd like) Every Child Has The Right To Learn End of another tough year for many. I still have my job and have been able to enjoy some incredible rum this year. So I figure its time to give something back. And give you the opportunity, at the same time, to help those who don't get a fair start in life - due to a lack opportunity to learn. The winner will receive a quite incredible pack of samples from me, consisting of seventeen ~30ml samples of: Foursquare ECS 2005. Foursquare ECS 2009. Foursquare ECS Zinfandel. Foursquare ECS Premise. Foursquare ECS Empery. Foursquare ECS Nobiliary. Foursquare ECS Dominus. Foursquare PCS Diadem. Foursquare ECS Detente. Chairmans Reserve 2006(13yr). Paranubes. HV Worthy Park 2007 WPL. NRJ Cambridge 2005. Whisky Jury Long Pond 2005(15yr). A1710 La Perle Brute 66. Velier Beenleigh 2015. Royal Geanadian Rivers. Here are the rules and conditions: 1) For every £5 donated to Save the Children, you’ll receive a number for a random draw (ie. Donate £20, get 4 numbers); 2) Forward your donation confirmation to and you’ll receive your random draw numbers (please be patient, I’ll try to send your numbers by the end of each day); 3) The fundraiser ends Sunday December 5,2021 at 6:00 PM GMT, at about 8PM I’ll post a random draw on Instagram and contact the winner; 4) I can only post to UK addresses, sorry! 5) Winner will be encouraged to share a picture of themselves with the bounty (not mandatory) 😁 6) You must be 18+ to enter and I reserve the right to ask for confirmation of your age; and 7) Nobody sponsored this giveaway. It's just me trying to do something good 😁

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