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lockdown fun that grew legs

I'm absolutely obsessed by rum. It's history, endless variety & styles, colourful tiki cocktails and the myriad of incredible flavours it offers.  I can confidently say that rum is the most misunderstood, complex, exciting and under-appreciated tipple on the planet.

What started as a bit of fun during lockdown, has rapidly moved through the phases of hobby, passion & obsession and, who knows, might end up taking on a life after lockdown.

The secret rum bar project took shape during lockdown with a series of local online tastings as an opportunity to meet new people and to share my love of the intriguing, enigmatic, underrated cane spirit.

The success of these tastings, and the fun everyone had through them during what was otherwise a very dark time, has spurred me to keep pursuing 'this rum nonsense' :-)

The Secret Rum Bar, nestled in Reigate, is truly my own little passion project. 

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