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The world's only pot still 1994 tropically aged New Yarmouth rum!?!?

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

As a follow up to my previous side by side review of seven 25 year tropically ages Wray estate rums -I've a potential treat in store today!!

One more very limited release of 1994 New Yarmouth. But this one is labelled as "100% pot still distillation"!!

The tiny cluster of other rare, incredible single barrel 1994 new Yarmouth releases to date have all been column still. Is this a labelling error, or a very exciting, very rare treat? Let's find out.

Compared today against a few of the highlights from the previous 25 yr tasting ... Rum Artisanal, Shark & the 'Colours of rum' Wealth Solutions release. A great opportunity to revisit these incredible rums and to validate my previous scores. I'm assisted in struggling though this afternoons tastings by the scintillating Melody Gardot & Diana Krall.

20ml of each. [Sadly only a dribble of my incredible shark sample left] Left to breath for 30mins while I type this prelude / drivel (I can tell you it smells amazing sat here!). As always, nosed first, then tasted, in increasing abv order.

Rum Artisanal, 67.7%

Previously joint first place with a massive 95 points. Today - again the nose is absolutely blowing me away. The depth, complexity and completeness are truly wonderful. Best nose of this little gang of bruisers without a doubt. On the mouth this takes the huge expectation we have built nosing it, and it delivers! In fact it exceeds all expectations! A wonderful rum. If I could, I'd get my tongue in the glass and lick off every drop. Lucky bloody cats. Absolutely worth that big big score. [95pts]

Malt, Grain & Cane - Wealth Solutions Singapore Limited Edition - 1994 New Yarmouth - 26 yr Tropical Aging - 100% Pot Still Distillation. 67.9% A tiny outturn of just 249 bottles from this single barrel, even less bottles than the uber rare 'colours of rum'

Nose: Well, spoiler alert ... predictably, it's not looking to be the step change pot still rum it's marked as. Definitely a labelling issue IMHO. The good news is, it's yet another magnificent bottling of this super long tropically aged New Yarmouth rum, so I doubt anybody will be too disappointed. Super boozy panettone. Not quite as interesting as the Rum Artisanal but a fuller more rewarding nose than the other Wealth bottling (Colours of rum)

Mouth: Boom! Someone just smashed an off licence into an old sweet shop! So much sweet pear drop and caramel gooeyness. Loads of fruit. A faultless lingering finish. A knockout rum. Not quite reaching the heights of the Rum Artisanal or the Rum Shark, but damn it's good. A touch more complete and more interesting than the 'Colours'. A great barrel pick, [94pts]

Colours of rum, 68.7%

I'd previously found the nose a bit flatter than it's peers and that's not changed today. Doesn't quite match up to the vibrance & complexity the best of these are offering. The taste is really enjoyable. Not perfect but we're talking very fine margins here. The lingering anise is right up my street. A rich, deep gloriously 'sticky' rum. Dates, burnt sugar and dark fruit. No change from my previous score on this. 93pts is, for context, higher than any Foursquare Exceptional Cask Series bottlings have received from me. Some accolade given how incredible those rums are [obviously value is another debate!] [93pts]

Rum Shark, 69%

Quite a different nose to the others, lovely dry spice, leather and hot tar. Really beautiful and inviting. On the mouth it's absolutely massive. A flavour explosion. Literally feels like someone let off a rum bomb in your mouth. A masterpiece. I'd still love to buy of bottle of this, fingers crossed. [95pts]

In conclusion - I strongly doubt the 'pot still distillate' claim on this new release. However, if you can stretch to it's eye watering price tag, then rest assured that it's absolutely delicious. Previous review, in full, of 7 other 1994 Wray estate long tropically aged rums can be found here!

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