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Rum glasses review

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Glassware - rum lovers weapon of choice. An important decision 😁 Do you go for the look, the feel, the best nose...

A quick review of some excellent glasses.

When deciding which rum to use for the test, I figured I'd treat myself with an absolute classic. Foursquare ECS 2005. Yum!

Nine glasses. 15ml of rum in each. Tested over 2 evenings...

Tested and scored for the looks, the feel in the hand, the nose and the mouthfeel.

Round 1

Black Glencairn

Eyes: 4

Hands: 5

Nose: 3.5

Mouth: 4

Total: 16.5

Really fun to drink from. Definitely forces you to consider what you're drinking. Highly recommended.

Tall thistle Eyes: 3 Hands: 2 Nose: 2 Mouth: 2.5 Total: 9.5 A bit unwieldy to look at, not a great nose, feels very awkward to drink from. Hope you've got a little button snoz if you buy these.

Mini brandy balloon glass Eyes: 5 Hands: 5 Nose: 4 Mouth: 5 total: 19 Looks incredible. Fantastic nose. Feels perfect to drink from. Gold medal!

Vase - not sure its real name. Designed to allow frozen stones to roll round the base. Eyes: 2 Hands: 3 Nose: 1 Mouth: 3 Total: 9 Ugly monster, the shape somehow kills the nose, fits your face well but the glass is a bit chunky. Wooden spoon!

Mini Martell - stolen from a restaurant in Barbados 😉

Eyes: 5

Hands: 4

Nose: 3.5

Mouth: 4.5

Total: 17

A beautiful, delicate glass. Decent nose and feels lovely to drink from. Joint bronze medal!

Round 2

Tall Sherry

Eyes: 3

Hands: 2

Nose: 2.5

Mouth: 2.5

Total: 10

Another awkward little bugger.

Riedel Spirits Glass Eyes: 4 Hands: 5 Nose: 3.5 Mouth: 4 Total: 16.5 A decent glass. Looks sharp. Feels beautifully delicate. A very enjoyable drinking experience.

1920s Blenders Glass

Eyes: 5

Hands: 4

Nose: 5

Mouth: 4

Total: 18

Wow. Just wow. By a country mile this has the best and biggest nose. Quite an incredible difference. A little awkward to drink from hence only silver medal. Buy this glass!

Clear Glencairn

Eyes: 4

Hands: 5

Nose: 3.5

Mouth: 4.5

Total: 17

A classic for a reason. Looks good. Noses well. Feels great. Bronze medal!

The award ceremony... (Luckily no pictures of the after party)

Silver - 1920s blenders

Gold - mini brandy

Bronze - Glencairn & Martell

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