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Foursquare Port casks tasting - on site!

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Yes, I'm sat at the Copper Still Bar doing a live tasting of both Port cask Foursquare rums. What an experience.

'Port Cask Finish' - 9 years - released in 2014. 40%

An absolute classic. Second release in the exceptional cask series. Aged for 9 years in ex-Bourbon and ex-Port casks. The first release in the series to make use of non-bourbon casks. A sign of Richard Seale's intention to experiment and showcases the wide range of different cask influences through this (then) new series of rums. Released at a lower abv of 40%

Nose: Considering the lower abv, this is surprisingly full and really inviting. Deep rich cherry fruit. Some spice and a nuttiness. Tonnes of dark fruit. And a perfect oaked background.

Mouth: Beautiful summer fruit. Then dark fruit. Caramel. Spice. A little mint. Some cake. As expected, it's a touch lighter than some later rums in the series. Stunningly drinkable. An incredible tasting, and historically important rum. [84pts]

Detente - 10 years - released in 2020. 51%

The 14th release in the exceptional cask series. The second to incorporate aging in ex-port casks. Released at a bigger 51%.

Nose: Much more punchy. More of everything. A much spicier and bigger nose than the original port cask. A tonne of dark cherry fruit. The nose is a big spicy rum & fruit cake. Incredible.

Mouth: I absolutely love this rum. One of the most dangerously drinkable of the hundreds of rums I've tried. You can recognise it a mile off. The port influence is outstanding. Rich, deep, harmonious. Lovely oak structure. Superb alcohol integration. Perfect spice and fruit. An absolutely classic [88+pts]

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