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Port Cask Battle

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Today is a side by side tasting of two recent port cask rums.

I'm looking forward to this as I've always found that a few years in an ex-port cask adds some beautiful dark fruit notes that really complement the natural rum flavours.

The rums:

Tamosi by Levy Lane is a blend [8 yr old Barbados rum, 6 Year Old Panama rum and 3 unaged Jamaican rums ( Worthy Park, Hampden & Clarendon). This blend of rums was then rested in a Port Cask for 8 months in Europe.] 55% abv. c.£65. Just 310 bottles.

Detente is one of Foursquare's exceptional cask series. Pure Barbados rum. 10 years all tropical aging. Initially in ex-bourbon casks, latterly in ex-port. 51% abv. Was also c.£65 on release. 18,000 bottles.

Eyes: Both a glorious gold. Tamosi a touch darker and definitely more unctuous with pronounced legs on the glass

Nose: Detente has a lovely warm rounded smell. Rich with a clear port influence. Very clean and inviting. Tamosi is deeper with more going on, maybe too much, the dark fruit port influence is there with an added undertone of burnt sugar, cherries and a touch of Jamaican funk (less than I expected actually). Both wonderful. Very marginal nose win to Detente.

Mouth: Detente has a beautiful oily mouth feel. Rich delicious taste. Initially creamy vanilla of the bourbon cask and then a long full finish with lots of dark fruit and chocolate. No sharpness. A near perfect rum.

Tamosi the blend actually works well. You get waves of different flavours. Banana from worthy park, vinegar from Hampden, bourbon, port, everything is there. It's a touch sharper than the Detente but a delicious rum too. Win goes to Detente for sheer drinkability - you definitely want another sip. Although at the release prices I would recommend buying both without a doubt.

Tamosi - 86pts

Detente - 88pts

Thanks v much to good rum friend for the sample of Tamosi 😁


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