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Online Rum Tastings

During lockdown I decided to spread the rum love through a series of online tastings. These were not for profit, local, very informal evenings.

Basically they were an excuse for me to babble on about rum for a couple of hours, and to meet a few new people.

After 20 tastings with over 100 people, this is what I've learned:

  • Bottling up 100 samples takes bloody ages.

  • Walking around Reigate delivering the packs is really fun.

  • Everyone wanted something different to do during lockdown.

  • Mrs SecretRumBar is very happy I have a new audience and she no longer has to listen to me go on about rum.

  • There's loads of great people in Reigate who made these really fun.

  • My passion for the delights of the cane spirit appears to be contagious as so many people have come back for more.

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