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Foursquare 2009 ECS

Hello from sunny Barbados.

If you're going to review the latest Foursquare release from their Exceptional Cask Series, what better place to do so.

It's late afternoon and it's hot & humid. The island is fairly open, however there are very few tourists and an 11pm curfew. As I had been led to expect, everyone here is incredibly friendly and we're absolutely loving the food, the beaches, the turtles and, surprise surprise, the amazing rum.

After a couple of days easing into 'island time' I felt it was overdue to pop on a quick review. 2009 is widely available on the island. Shibboleth unfortunately much less so.

I recently reviewed Shibboleth, side by side with the other (also solely bourbon cask) releases made back in 2005.

I gave 2005 a massive and well deserved 90 points. If I was to go more granular, that was a 90+.

An incredible rum, a milestone for Foursquare, and a benchmark for rum worldwide.

The latest ECS release, number 17 of the series - named simply "2009" - is the next annual 12 year aged, pure bourbon casked, release. Following in the footsteps of the award winning 2004, 2005, 2007 & 2008.

These rums are limited release Bajan molasses based rums. Honestly made with no added sugar, colour or flavours. A blend of pot & column still. Tropically aged in ex-bourbon barrels, at the distillery, for a full 12 years.

After all the awards, and substantial global following, they really need little more introduction so I'll just crack on with the tasting.

I'm not using my usual tasting glasses. I'm not measuring 15ml. I'm not measuring at all. And I'm certain not waiting 30 mins 😁

Nose: Spicy, tropical, rich nose. Some coconut. Vanilla, oak, lots of complex spice - ginger, clove, anise. The depth and flavours are signature Foursquare. Really beautiful.

Bottled at 60%, this is a big rum, however the nose is a touch less firey than the 2008 which works well and results in a very inviting first impression.

Mouth: Another stunning rum. Richard Seale is making this look too easy. A thick gorgeous mouth feel, inevitably another award winner. Lovely long taste with a wonderful array of flavours from coconut & pineapple to spicy vanilla oak, fresh tobacco and deep cherry, raisin and other dark fruits. Really beautiful.

A definite 90 points. From memory I found this a touch more drinkable than the 2008 which was a 90- and not quite as complex as the incredible 2005 (90+). Very fine differences in a selection of truly groundbreaking rums.

The 2009 will be released in the UK in a month or so. Don't hesitate to grab a bottle.

Ps. Yes, I will be visiting the distillery and will do a mini write up in a few days 👍😎

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