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Rum Of The Year - 2022

What an amazing year - this year I have reviewed a quite astonishing 110 rums from 16 different countries!! That fact alone really...

Aged Madeira Rums - quick-fire reviews

Following my recent Maderia unaged head-to-head (here), it's time for (a lot of) aged Madeira rums! This being the fourth, and final...

Hampden Great House 2022 - review

A firmly established and much anticipated date in the rum calendar - release of the new Hampden Great House! 2022 being the 4th rum in...

Caroni from 1997 & 1998 reviewed

Ahhh Caroni. Once a major contributor to the British Navy's Rum Blends, the legendary Trinidad based distillery sadly closed its doors...

Extreme rum tasting - wish me luck!

... and now for something completely different! These hairbrained rums sit at the very extremes of the global rum spectrum. In fact,...

Foursquare Isonomy Rum Review

Today, a quick 'trip' to the beautiful island of Barbados. To review the 20th release of Foursquare's multi award winning and hugely...

Antigua High Ester Rum Battle

Column stilled, molasses based rums from English Harbour distillery on the beautiful island of Antigua. High ester, high congener - what?...

Nine Leaves Rums Review

Time to review a couple of interesting rums from Nine Leaves in Japan. The Nine Leaves micro distillery was founded in Otsu Shiga in 2013...

The Big Clairin Tasting

Clairin - a funky, full flavoured style of rum made in Haiti, generally from fresh crushed cane juice. These spirits are made in tiny...

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