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Vieux Sajous side-by-side review

Clairin (or Kleren) - the artisan sugar cane spirit of Haiti. Made by over 500 tiny agricultural producers across the island, this unaged...

Paranubes Rum - Full lineup review

Oaxaca [pronounced wa-haka] - a rugged, mountainous, isolated state in the deep south of Mexico. Best known for it's indigenous people...

Sugar House Blood Tub 2021 Vs 2022

Sugar House distillery - Glasgow, Scotland. Scottish rum I hear you say? Well apparently they know a little something about distilling...

Rum Of The Year - 2022

What an amazing year - this year I have reviewed a quite astonishing 110 rums from 16 different countries!! That fact alone really...

Hampden Great House 2022 - review

A firmly established and much anticipated date in the rum calendar - release of the new Hampden Great House! 2022 being the 4th rum in...

Caroni from 1997 & 1998 reviewed

Ahhh Caroni. Once a major contributor to the British Navy's Rum Blends, the legendary Trinidad based distillery sadly closed its doors...

Extreme rum tasting - wish me luck!

... and now for something completely different! These hairbrained rums sit at the very extremes of the global rum spectrum. In fact,...

Père Labat - 5 rhums reviewed

Père Labat or father Labat is a rhum brand of the Poisson distillery in Marie Galante. A small picturesque island off the coast of...

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