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Rum Of The Year - 2021

What an amazing year - so many exciting new rums. The depth and quality of rums available in the UK seems to have increased from all corners of the globe. As you'll see below, it's now absolutely normal to discuss the best rums of the year looking far from the usual Caribbean & Central American superstars! When selecting my rum of the year, I have tried to not only select an outstanding bottle but also to consider price and availability. My very loose criteria is ideally a

Beenleigh Rums

A week off = an awesome little tasting of a few Australian rums from the in vogue distillery Beenleigh - Australia's oldest operating distillery. I was lucky enough to taste a couple of these at an awesome session with Steve Magarry & Luca Gargano at the recent UK rumfest - so I'm particularly excited about what I have in store this afternoon. Located in Queensland, Beenleigh has been making molasses-based rums for over 136 years. Australia is not the first place that comes


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