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Quick review - L'Encantada Pibous 1995 Bas-Armagnac

Thanks to a very generous rum friend I'm able to try, and review, this rare armagnac.

Bottled at cask strength of 56.1%, only a few hundred bottles of this 24yr aged Armagnac were produced. They were around £100 on release but I assume all now well gone.

This bottling is given the title 'Hail Yak II' from the local abbreviation for Armagnac. (A style of brandy named after the region it is produced.)

My first ever Armagnac, and I fear the bar is being set pretty high.

Nose: Quite musty. A load of fresh rolling tobacco. And red fruit. Really lovely.

Mouth: Quite a big wine taste. Alcohol is beautifully integrated. Great mouth feel. A long finish starting with bitter strawberries and quickly running to fig rolls. Quite spicy. Really lovely. [A bit arbitrary being my first Armagnac but I'm going to give it 89pts based on comparible quality rums]

Thanks Steven for the samples.

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